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RunScribe Plus Science Pre-Order

RunScribe Plus Science Pre-Order

$ 399.00

**Pre-orders will be shipping early October**

RunScribe Plus, it's RunScribe, but with a lot more…

RunScribe Plus is a wearable sensor system for data-driven runners, coaches & therapists to analyze stride. By capturing every footstrike in the wild, RunScribe provides the most comprehensive view of a runner's mechanics over the duration of a run.

Track & Analyze Your Stride

  • Shock: Impact Gs, Braking Gs, Shock Gs
  • Efficiency: Flight Ratio, Contact Time, Stride Rate
  • Motion: Footstrike Type, Pronation Excursion & Pronation Velocity
  • Symmetry: Simultaneous Right vs Left Metrics
  • Power: Running Power (launching in Β)

Improved data analysis and comparison tools on the Web Dashboard allow you to track change over time, in different shoes, over different terrain, and to see how you compare to other runners in the RunScribe Community

  • Run Compare
  • Trend Compare
  • Community Compare



  • RealTime metrics on over 20 Garmin watches via Connect IQ
  • RunScribe metrics viewable on Garmin Connect


  • Open API for individual and aggregate data access

RunScribe App

  • Start/Stop/Pause/Resume/Lap for total control over your run
  • Travel mode to save battery life during transport

RunScribe Set includes:

  • 2 RunScribe footpods with integrated rechargeable battery (16+ hours run time per charge)
  • Dual charger + USB cable
  • Laces mount (2 cradles)
  • Heel mount (2 cradles + clips)
  • RunScribe account with access to analytics dashboard
  • iOS or Android app (Bluetooth compatible devices) to upload and view your run

RunScribe Science capabilities :

  • Account tagged as Researcher
  • Per-FootStep RunScribe Metrics (including additional research metrics)
  • Custom F/W supporting 200Hz Raw Data Recording :
    • 3-axis Accelerometer (+/- 16G full scale)
    • 3-axis Gyroscope (+/- 2000deg/sec full scale)
    • Unit Quaternion ( Pitch/Roll/Yaw Orientation)
  • Data is uploaded via the RunScribe App to the RunScribe Web Server
  • Data can then be exported as CSV from RunScribe Dashboard
  • Up to 20min Raw Data Recording @ 200Hz
  • Also included are up to 2hrs of e-mail support from Tim


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