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RunScribe Pro

RunScribe Pro

$ 199.00


RunScribe is a wearable sensor system for data-driven runners, coaches & therapists to analyze stride. By capturing every footstrike in the wild, RunScribe provides the most comprehensive view of a runner's mechanics over the duration of a run.

Track & Analyze Your Stride in 4 Dimensions
  • Shock: Impact Gs, Braking Gs, Shock Gs 
  • Efficiency: Flight Ratio, Contact Time, Stride Rate
  • Motion: Footstrike Type, Pronation Excursion & Pronation Velocity
  • Symmetry: Simultaneous Right vs Left Metrics

RunScribe Pro includes:

  • 2 RunScribe footpods with integrated rechargable battery (15+ hours run time per charge)
  • Dual charger + USB cable
  • Laces mount (2 cradles)
  • Heel mount (2 cradles + clips)
  • RunScribe account with access to analytics dashboard
  • iOS or Android app (Bluetooth compatible devices) to upload and view your run

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